Air Conditioning Repairs in Fort Lauderdale

Air conditioning repairs Fort Lauderdale

At Paradise Service Technologies, we know how brutal the South Florida heat can be when your air conditioning isn’t working. That’s why we pride ourselves on quick and efficient service.

Rapid Response and Superior Plumbing Service

Speedy service of your air conditioning needs is only part of our mission here at Paradise Service Technologies. Our ultimate goal to is to satisfy each and every one of our customers with competitive prices and service that is second to none. From regular maintenance to time sensitive emergencies, you can expect Paradise Service Technologies to have a great solution for you.


We run air conditioning repair appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also guarantee* that your service appointment will be the same day as your call to us. If it’s not, there is no service charge

We can identify and repair a wide range of air conditioning issues, including:

  • Ductwork issues
  • Heat load and energy calibrations
  • Thermostat replacements
  • Indoor air quality checks
  • AC unit maintenance and repair
  • AC unit replacement
  • And much more!

In many instances, it may be hard tell whether you need air conditioning service. Here are a few signs to look for to determine whether you can benefit from a service call from a technician:

  • Ice or frost on your AC unit
  • Condensation on your air ducts
  • An overflowing drip pain
  • An air conditioner that cycles on-and-off frequently and for short bursts
  • Air that has an unpleasant odor
  • Lack of cold air
  • Uneven distribution of cold air
  • Dirty or dusty air
  • High utility bills

If any of those issues sound familiar, you may benefit from a service call from one of our skilled technicians. Contact us today. We welcome the opportunity to help you cool your home or business more effectively and efficiently.

* Guarantee is for calls before noon, weather permitting