Ft. Lauderdale Plumbing Drain Cleaning Service

Plumbing Drain Cleaning Service Ft. LauderdaleFor Ft. Lauderdale homeowners, needing plumbing drain cleaning service can be a minor inconvenience or a major financial event. At Paradise Service Technologies we have been serving the Ft. Lauderdale area as a leading plumbing and air conditioning repair service for over 25 years and we’ve helped thousands of Ft. Lauderdale residents deal with clogged drains and other plumbing problems.

It’s been our experience that unless there is sewage backup, we are rarely called to clean a drain until after the homeowner has attempted to do it themselves. Some drain stoppages can be DIY projects assuming the homeowner has a least a little knowledge of how drains work. However, there are plenty of opportunities for a homeowner to convert a simple plumbing issue into a major and expensive, plumbing challenge because of a lack of knowledge or using inappropriate tools.

Here’s the rule for home plumbing repair…when in doubt call a professional.

The Drain Cleaning Projects that Can Drain Your Wallet

Many clogged drains are simple service calls for a professional plumber. To a homeowner who watches the fix, the process may appear to be exceptionally simple and triggers one of those "I could have done that" moments. What you are paying for in those situations is the years of training and experience of the technician that allowed him to quickly diagnose and correct the problem.

There is however, one type of drain stoppage that can challenge even a professional and that’s a sewer line backup.

If your first floor toilets are backing up or if sewage has backed up in your bathtubs you may have a sewer line stoppage. With toilets the stoppage may be in the pipe leading to the sewer line but if the plumber can’t clear it then it’s a sign that the sewer line is clogged.

A first step in clearing the line is to use a heavy duty snake, usually introduced into the line from cleaning trap located outside the home. These snakes are powerful truck mounted units with large augers mounted on the end.

If snaking can’t correct the problem then it is time to send a camera down the line to see exactly what and where the blockage is. Blockages can be caused by a collapsed line, roots from trees or large foreign objects. Removing those problems typically calls for digging up the yard to expose the pipe and replacing the clogged section.

This process gets expensive fast.

If you have questions on drain cleaning don’t hesitate to call us now. We’ll be happy to give you answers.