Ft. Lauderdale DIY Plumbing Repairs

DIY Plumbing Repairs Ft. LauderdaleIf your Ft. Lauderdale home needs plumbing repairs you have options. There are many common plumbing problems that homeowners can at least attempt to fix before having to call in a professional. However, keep in mind that the secret to successful DIY plumbing repairs is knowing when the problem is beyond your skill set and when it’s time to throw in the towel and get help.

Here are a few tips on how to handle common plumbing issues in a home:

  • Slow draining bathroom sinks. Bathroom sinks send a lot of debris down the drain. Hair, dead skin, dirt, soap residue, tooth paste and other materials may not always find their way to the sewage line. A quick fix for a slow drain is a mix of baking soda and vinegar followed with plenty of hot water. A more permanent fix is cleaning out the trap located under the sink. The U shaped trap is held in place with two PVC joints that can typically be removed by hand. Make certain you have a pan under the trap and then slowly loosen the joints. Clean the trap with a bottle brush making sure that build up along the sides of the pipe are removed. Replace the trap and your sink should drain fine. If it doesn’t you have a bigger problem and need help.
  • Clogged toilet. You basically have two options. If you have the time simply wait. If the clog is a water soluble material give the water in the line some time to break it up and then flush it down. The second option is to use a plunger. You want a good seal over the hole in the toilet and then push and pull straight up and down. The idea is to change the pressure in the line and dislodge the obstruction. If that doesn’t work we suggest you not try to snake it yourself. Call for help.
  • Garbage disposal not working. If you flip the switch and hear nothing you can try resetting the disposal. On the bottom of the disposal there will be a red "reset" button. Push it in and then try the disposal. If nothing happens check to make sure the disposal is getting power by checking the fuse panel. If you hear the motor humming but the disposal isn’t working, you have a jam. There is a hex wrench that normally comes with the disposal. If you don’t have one get one from a plumbing supply company, they’re cheap. Insert the wrench in the hole at the bottom center of the disposal and work it back and forth until the blades unjam.

Three common problems and three easy fixes. But if you need help, know that Paradise Service Technologies is available 24/7 to solve your every plumbing and air conditioning problem. If you have questions give us a call now and we will be happy to answer them.