Sewage Cleanup in Ft. Lauderdale Homes

Sewage Cleanup Ft. LauderdaleIf you come home and find a sewage backup in your Ft. Lauderdale home you are going to want help cleaning it up and you are going to want it fast. If you have the phone number for Paradise Service Technologies you can get help quickly 24/7. We clean and repair sewage backups from both sewage lines and septic tank leaks.

The odor will be overpowering and you may want to start the cleanup before we get there. If you decide to try that make sure you wear rubber boots gloves and a mask. Aside from the disgusting aroma, sewage also represents a potential health risk.

Start with shoveling solids into a plastic trash bag. If the backup is in the tubs you can use a plastic dust pan so you don’t damage the surface with a metal shovel. The liquids are going to need to be soaked up so you’ll need a whole lot of paper towels or a cloth towel or two that you don’t mind throwing away. Place the dirty towels in a plastic bag and dispose.

You can open windows and run a fan to attempt to vent the smell but that’s about the extent you can do until the pros arrive. Don’t try to rinse anything until the source of the spill is identified and repaired. Adding rinse water to an already blocked drain is not going to improve the situation.

When The Plumber Arrives

The first task is to determine the cause of the backup and clear it. A quick check of the clean trap, usually located outside the home, will tell if the line from your house to the city main is clogged. If there is no water present in the trap then the clog is in a line inside the home.

When the clog is cleared the technician will begin a cleanup using air scrubbers, special vacuums, and sanitizer. The smell will be significantly less but probably won’t entirely disappear for about a week.

Sewage cleanups are no fun when you aren’t equipped to do it correctly. At PST our goal is to get to your emergency quickly, clear it and clean up the mess to your satisfaction. If you have a question on this service please give us a call now and we’ll be happy to talk.