Fast Garbage Disposal Repair for South Florida

Why is it garbage disposals always seem to break down at exactly the wrong time? Paradise Service Technologies has been doing garbage disposal repair or replacement in South Florida for over 25 years and while there is no “convenient” time for a disposal to fail, it does seem to happen just when you are preparing for a large dinner party or during clean up after the party.

Either way a garbage disposal that doesn’t work can spoil the evening.

Call the Plumber

If your DIY repair efforts don’t work you’re going to have to call a plumber and that typically means waiting at least a day or more before one shows up. That’s not the case with Paradise Service Technologies! We operate 24/7 seven days a week and we guarantee * to arrive at your place the same day you call or the service call is free!

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, we’ve been in the business of providing plumbing services to South Florida communities since 1987 and have earned a reputation for excellence, exceptional customer care and competitive prices. When you have a clogged disposal, or any plumbing problem, call us for service day or night.

The Garbage Disposal Service Call

When you call Paradise Service Technologies our licensed, professional plumber will show up in a marked vehicle wearing a Paradise Service Technologies uniform so you know who you are dealing with. He or she will examine the disposal, determine the problem, explain to you what needs to be done and then provide you with a quote. Many garbage disposal calls can be fixed quickly and easily but if your unit has given up the ghost the plumber’s van has replacement units aboard.

Your experience with a Paradise Service Technoloies plumber will be a positive one. Don’t take our word for it; see what our customers are saying. The secret to our 25+ years of successful business is our people. We have been fortunate enough to hire highly experienced plumbers who also have uncommon customer service skills. In the plumbing business that’s a one-two punch that few competitors can match.

When you have any plumbing problem including leaks, air conditioning, clogged drains and backups, think Paradise Service Technologies and give us a call for fast, competitive service.

*Call received by 12 noon, and weather permitting.