Hot Water Heaters

Paradise Service Technologies Hot Water Heater Repair and Installation

hot-water-heater-repair-installationHot water makes our lives so much better. Hot water helps clean dishes, makes showers so much more pleasant and makes mop water more effective. Think of all the uses around the house in the kitchen, laundry and bath. Most water heaters are powered by gas or electricity however, increasingly, solar power is being used to assist in heating water, and in some cases, completely heat the water. Each design has advantages that “best fit” your needs.

Many large buildings use very large water heaters, referred to as “boilers”, to provide hot water to many users from a single or a few points. Most, if not all, of these boilers are gas “fired” and have capacities much larger than what most of us are familiar with. We are fully qualified to maintain and repair this type of water heater for those who have it.

Common features of water heaters

  • A water supply to the heater.
  • A means of providing heat to the water.
  • A way to control the temperature the water is heated to.
  • An outlet to the user.
  • A storage tank (in most cases)

A residential user in a townhouse or home, or a commercial user in an office complex or smaller building will usually use a water heater with a capacity from zero to 80 gallons. These are normally powered by electricity or “gas” (natural or propane).

“Zero gallons?” you ask. Sure! There is a type of water heater that provides “instant” hot water, heating the water, as it is needed. This “demand” based heater must heat a smaller amount of water much quicker than larger, more conventional storage style water heaters, and there are advantages for these in certain cases.

Instant Hot Water Heaters or Tank-less Water Heaters

“Instant” hot water heaters can provide hot water better than other types in some cases. Heating of a “hot tub” is often accomplished by means of this type of device, though many people don’t realize it! These heaters are sized to heat a certain amount of water over a period of time. Where space is at a premium, there is no need for a large storage tank to take up space. Where hot water use is low volume or infrequently used, there is no need to heat a 20, 30, 40 gallon tank (or larger) to provide hot water to match the need. While these “tank-less water heaters” must be properly sized to the need, they can be very energy efficient in some applications. Typically they are not used where large volumes of heated water are required, but each application is different. The energy savings, depending on the needs, can be substantial. We are happy to help select the proper water heater that fits your needs, please call!

Electric and Gas Water Heaters

Electric and gas hot water heaters are very common, and most people are familiar with them. Designs vary as to size, “recovery” time, efficiency and volume, so a proper fit to your needs is just as important. Sized to the expected demand, most of these use a 20 to 40 gallon storage tank. Water is inlet to the bottom of the tank (even though the connection to the “cold” water is on top or most units). Gas heaters typically heat the tank at the bottom exclusively, while electric models may use multiple heating elements. There might be two elements, one at the lower level of the tank and one at the middle level. Heat rises, regardless of where the heat is applied to the water, the hottest water will be at the top of the tank. At the top of the tank will be an outlet for the heated water to travel through to reach your kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. There is also a relief valve at the top to allow any excess pressure to be released to prevent a catastrophic failure of the tank. Located based on the design in use, there is a temperature control device called a thermostat. The thermostat in the water heater is used to control the temperature of the stored water, which saves energy and makes the water heater safer.

Water Heater Problems

Like most manufactured items, water heaters of any type can have problems with years of use. A common problem with electric water heaters is the failure of the heating element that warms the water. Thermostats can fail over time and result in the pressure in the tank rising until the relief valve opens. Sometimes the problem is a pressure relief valve that no longer holds the proper pressure. Leaks can occur from these and other failures.

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