Plumbing Hydro Excavation Tunneling Services

When you have plumbing problems, the most difficult challenge can be accessing the pipes. Most clogged or broken pipes can be repaired by simply digging or boring through the yard and down to the problem area. That's not always possible, though. Sometimes clogs or pipe damage is located under the slab, which makes accessing the issue very difficult.

When you have damaged pipes under your slab, you have a few options. One is dig up that part of the slab. That process, though, can be costly and complex and could cause serious collateral damage to your home.

Hydro tunneling: An easy solution

Fortunately, there's a less invasive way to repair pipe damage underneath a slab. Here at Paradise Service Technologies, we help homeowners and businesses with their plumbing issues when the pipe is under the slab or in some other hard-to-reach location, with a process called hydro tunneling.

A hydro truck uses a hose and a combination of water and air pressure to remove soil from underneath the home and from around the damaged pipe. That gives our skilled service technicians the space they need to repair the damage without causing further disruption to your home.

Once the repair is complete, the hydro truck then refills the area with compact soil, which will provide a stable base for your slab. The whole process allows you to repair your damaged pipes without a costly and complex process.

If you have damaged or clogged pipes, contact us at Paradise Service Technologies. A video inspection is sometimes the best way to identify what and where the real problems are in a sewer line. Problems can be identified quickly when you can see what they are! We can then know what the proper fix is and give you an accurate estimate on any repairs.