Pipe Camera Inspections Fort Lauderdale

Pipe Camera Inspection Ft LauderdaleWhen you have a plumbing emergency involving a backed up sewer line Paradise Service Technologies is one of the few Fort Lauderdale plumbing firms that can show you exactly what the blockage is made of and exactly where in the pipe it is using a fiber optic camera.

Our Fiber Optic Sewage Inspection system allows us to see into the smallest crevices that might be lining your sewage line. The system is obviously helpful in determining the right strategy to clear the blockage, but it also provides an up close and personal look at the condition of the line. Clearing the blockage is the immediate emergency but if the camera reveals cracks and leaks, the property owner has an opportunity to plan what to do rather than discover backed up toilets or a front yard full of sewage.

Buying a Fort Lauderdale Property? Consider a Fiber Optic Sewage Inspection Before You Sign the Contract

If you are considering buying a larger, older residence in Fort Lauderdale an inspection of the sewer line may have a significant impact on your decision and/or the sale price. Sewer lines do not last forever nor do they stay clean. A video inspection can identify weaknesses in the line that will require repair. Repairs of main lines typically require excavation of a yard or hydro tunneling, both fairly expensive.

For older commercial properties the risk of a failing main is even more serious. Imagine purchasing a retail business then discovering you need to turn off the water and dig up your parking lot while the main is replaced. You are essentially out of business until the repair can be made and the surface material is returned to its original condition.

You really should consider a video inspection before you buy!

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Paradise Service Technologies is the leading full service plumbing and air conditioning firm in Fort Lauderdale and we have been building customer relationships for over 25 years. If you have questions on how a video inspection works or what it costs, call us today and we will be happy to help you.