Sink and Faucet Installation

One of the best ways to easily “renew” your kitchen or bath-room is to update the sink and faucet. Perhaps you would like to have a single lever design instead of separate hot and cold water controls. Maybe you want the ease of use and durability of a stainless steel sink. Installing both at the same time makes good economic sense.
Replacement of sinks and faucets is a mini-remodel for kitchens and bathrooms.
Sometimes the new faucet isn’t a choice, as the present one is just too old to repair and no longer functions as it should. Thankfully, the replacement of a faucet is quickly done by our experienced plumbers. What may seem like an easy job for a do-it-yourselfer, it can be difficult when the old faucet is old and you want to remove it without replacement of the sink. Let our professionals upgrade your faucet for better function, higher style and better appearance. You may want a pull out spray for rinsing dishes, a taller spout to allow larger items in the sink, or both of these together!

Creative, practical style – “The New Sink”
Today the choices for creative kitchens and bathrooms are much wider than just a few years ago. New basin/faucet combinations are quite fashionable even while reminding us of days long gone. Basins sinks in the bathroom are not only high fashion, but a good practical fixture for everyday use. Creative use of basin sinks can actually improve the usefulness of small spaces! Many “new” styles are updated designs from the past, or current designs re-purposed.

New style sinks, often named “farmhouse” or apron front style, sit in cutouts in the cabinet that expose the front surface (or “apron”) of the sink. The front panel of the sink is displayed in a cutout in the granite countertop, above the cabinets in the photo at right. Undercounter mounting can be used with multi-ple styles of sinks, keeping countertop lines clean. Pedestal sinks, basin sinks, new materials of stone, glass, metal or porce-lain, and so many new designs are available today that there is something for every taste and budget. Let us review these choices with you. They are your choices for your upgrade.

Is it time to start?
Whether it is time to simply fix that leaky faucet or time for a complete remodel of your kitchen or bathroom, Paradise Service Technologies can help you! Call us or use our form on this page to get started!