Toilet Repair Fort Lauderdale

Toilet Repair Fort LauderdaleIf you live in Fort Lauderdale and your DIY toilet repair project turned out to be more difficult than expected, call Paradise Service Technologies, the area’s leading plumbing company for fast affordable service. We are a fully licensed, fully insured, 24/7, professional plumbing and air conditioning company that has been servicing the Fort Lauderdale area for over a quarter of a century. Our reputation for same day service (guaranteed), professional plumbing technicians, excellent customer care and affordable pricing makes us a first choice by Fort Lauderdale homeowners and businesses for all plumbing repairs.

Toilet repair is actually pretty simple and it can be completed as a do it yourself project except for two issues that will require the services of a professional plumber. The first is the dreaded clog or backup, which is really more a pipe problem than a toilet problem. When you can’t clear a clog with a plunger it’s time to bring in a pro.

The second is a leak that can potentially rot out the floor under the base of the toilet without you knowing. If you frequently spot water around the base of your toilet the wax (not rubber) seal on the bottom of your toilet can be leaking and the waste water is trapped under the toilet.

To replace that seal requires emptying the tank and bowl, disconnecting the tank and bowl, unbolting the bowl from the floor and turning it upside down. If the wax seal has fouled the flange it sits on you’ll need a Paradise Service Technologies plumber to replace it.

A Plumbing Service Fort Lauderdale Can Count On

We’ve been in business for 25+ years because we deliver what we promise. We are customer centric and guarantee your satisfaction. Plumbing customers often call a plumber when they are vulnerable. They have a mess on their hands and they just want to get it taken care of. Some plumbing services see this as an opportunity to charge whatever they want.

We don’t.

We believe that if we offer professional services at a fair price we will have a customer for life and that’s worth much more than a quick score. Fairness is the operative word; it’s the way we treat our customers, our employees and our suppliers.

If you have a toilet repair issue or any other plumbing problem and you want it to be taken care of quickly at a fair price call us now and we can have a plumber to you today!