We WANT to deal with your toilet repairs!

Toilet repairs. There are few people, outside plumbing professionals, who really want to deal with a faulty toilet. Clogged or leaking, cracked or won’t fill, if you are like most people you really don’t want to deal with repairing a toilet. Have you thought about how old all those parts are, how hard they might be to remove? Let us help!
Toilet repairs can be simple or complex, but it’s still a toilet!
There are different types of “toilet repairs”. Sometimes people “repair” a toilet by clearing a clog. Sometimes there is a problem with the water not filling the flush tank properly. There are times that the process of filling the tank isn’t completing or is hampered by water “leaking” into the bowl and causing the tank to fill up again. Then there is the truly leaking toilet, caused by a crack in the fixture or a failed seal.
Most people have tried a plunger in a slow or clogged toilet. Some folks used a plunger and cleared the problem and thought no more of it, that’s the desired result. Not all of them got the desired result and a few actually made things worse! Some items that clog a toilet should not be “plunged” as you might actually make the clog worse. Of course there is also the chance that a mess could be created that you will have to clean up. A trained professional plumber will not only have the skills and knowledge to deal with a clog, but the tools as well. Sometimes the right way to clear a clog is to use an “auger” instead of a “plunger”, and your professionals from Paradise know when!