Video Camera line Inspection

Fiber Optic Video Sewer Inspections

Sometimes you simply must have more information about the condition of the sewer line than you can see from the outside. At Paradise Service Technologies, we use the best technology available when it comes to sewer inspections. We can get that inside view with Fiber Optic Video Sewer Inspections. We provide our clients with actual video footage of their sewage inspection. We will show you live footage of your problem as it is occurring. Most companies will not do the same. We think you should know what we see, and if required, what the proper fix for it is.

What can a Video Sewer Inspection reveal?

An article at titled “Common Issues Discovered in Sewer Lines During Video Inspections” contains excellent information on why you should consider a video inspection, especially with older properties.

Some of the issues that can be revealed with a video camera inspection include:

  • Tree roots growing into the pipes
  • Aging deteriorating pipes that have become deformed
  • Broken or collapsed pipes from excavation or traffic
  • Grease clogs
  • Blockages from foreign objects

Any of these issues can cause problems such as backflow into your home or even sewer leakage into your yard.

Technology you might be familiar with.

You may be familiar with medical equipment that allows doctors to “see” into the human body. Not unlike these specialized tools for the doctors, our plumbers have their own fiber-optic high tech tools to see inside small and unreachable places. Using fiber optic cable equipment, we can see into the sewer pipes, under the ground and buildings, to identify exactly what and where the problem is. Problems can be identified quickly when you can see what they are! A video inspection is sometimes the best way to identify what and where the real problems are in a sewer line. If digging, tunneling or replacement of pipes is needed, you can apply the fix where it’s needed.

If you are purchasing an older, or very expensive, property, you might consider an inspection of the sewer line before making any agreement. Replacement of drain and sewer lines under buildings and parking areas is not only costly, but could alter your plans by causing delays in use of the property. Imagine you purchase a restaurant, well established and in a great location only to discover that improper trapping of the grease in the kitchen, the settling caused by the weight of the cars and trucks in the parking and delivery areas and the age of the structure and pipes force you to replace all the sewer lines prior to opening for business! A video inspection can help you avoid some unpleasant surprises!

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